Cabela's Big Game Hunter

Cabela's Big Game Hunter 1.0

Do you like hunting? this is a great game if you are the outdoors man type
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Do you like hunting? this is a great game if you are the outdoors man type. This is an opportunity to test your hunting skills against wild animals in settings like New Zeland, Montana and others. You will need good senses to track and hunt.
It has three modes: easy, medium, and hard. The "hard" level is pretty close to real hunting, you must be stealthy and patient to succeed. The game provides a wide variety of extra equipment you might want.
Test your strategies, the best is to choose a hunter character with the highest accuracy and stealth. These are more helpful than strength, tracking, resilience, but you can choose on your own.
There are many animals you can hunt, including grizzly, brown bear, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, various deer, javelin, cougar, wolf, coyote, stone sheep, pronghorn antelope, and others. Most difficult animal to bag seems to be the coyote, because it's very small, runs fast, and is wary. You have to kill four to beat the game. If you get close to many of the animals, they may attack you, and if they succeed in touching you during their attack, you are "knocked unconscious" and the warden finds you later and you are forced to exit your hunt.
For real excitement, trying hunting grizzly with the recurve bow, you have to get very close, and hit him once or twice and then run like a madman, because he chases you, then turn and shoot, run for your life some more.
You have many guns available, M-16s, rocket launchers, pistols, semi automatic paint ball guns, crossbows and 50 caliber guns.
A drawback arise when you can walk around while you shoot which is not recommended in a real hunting.
Preys need to be smarter, they give a poor impression. It will be a great hunting game if the controls were better.
Graphics are very nice, the terrain is affected by weather, seasonal changes and time of day changes. Audio is nice too. you feel challenged by this game.

Review summary


  • Nice graphics


  • Animals need to be smarter
  • You have to wait too much and game tend to be boring
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